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Tong Garden centre- Interactive Plant finder

Updated: May 9, 2022

In partnership with Terri Jones from the "Joy of Plants" company, we have provided and installed another pair of our popular touch screen Plant Finder kiosks. These interactive totem kiosks provides staff and customers alike, with a fantastic resource for all things plants.

Plant Finder digital signage kiosk

The Plant Finder kiosks are a useful addition to any plant or plant sundries section. The tall and prominent kiosks are used by staff to teach visitors how to use the them for their own research in case they are busy or also as an additional selling tool to display a plethora of information to the most inquisitive of customers, ensuring that they can make an educated and informed purchase.

The kiosks are also used to provide customers with recommended complimentary care products, that will keep their purchases in top condition and maximise their growth potential.

During periods of interactivity the large displays attracts customers with other garden centre offerings or entices them for a bite to eat in the on-site eateries. Its multifunctional flexibility makes it a great addition for Tong and has proved a success wherever we have installed it.

If you would like your own Plant Finder Kiosk or would like to find out more about the different types of designs we can offer, please get in touch.

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