Showcase your menu with dynamic and vibrant content. Easily Update information and pricing to reflect your daily menu.

Display your full menu whilst promoting your daily specials with full high definition motion graphics that will stand out and grab your audience.



Letting your customers know about your ever changing services you have to offer can be a tricky one.

Relying on the usual printed posters can be both lost on the audience and time consuming for your staff. 

With full high definition motion graphics created by our talented designers, you not only deliver

mouth watering content designed to drive up sales you also free up your staff's time to focus on their tasks.

5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Menu Boards for your Business


1) Create a Mouth-Watering Impact   

Digital Menu Boards replaces traditional posters and menus and create a more realistic representation of your food giving you the opportunity to draw in your audience and make them hungry.

Old fashioned chalk boards can look nice if done correctly by a professional artist but how long does that take if you want to change the information.

By utilising high definition imagery and motion graphics you can direct where your customers look, informing them of product information, current promotions and important information. 

2) Save Time and Money

Traditional marketing material can heavily influence potential promotions or item changes. The logistics of changing posters, delivery times, etc will effect the cost when implementing changes. With digital menu boards all this can be done in a matter of seconds or even


Imagine swapping your breakfast menu information to your lunch time menu to evening meals on a daily basis. The time it takes your staff to do this, storing your posters so they don't get damaged and start to look old and dated. Digital signage is accessible 24/7

3) Display More Information

Digital signage allows you to showcase more information to your audience allowing you to drive up sales.

When wall space is limited hanging too many posters can ruin the look of your restaurant. Installing digital signage makes it far easier to display any number of messages whilst maintaining your brand. 

4) Reduce Perceived Waiting Times

There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in a long line on a lunch break. Restaurant digital signage can be used to distract customers by displaying fun facts, trivia or promotional material. Since digital menu boards are highly configurable, a certain area on the screen can be dedicated to displaying special content that will help keep customers in long lines less frustrated. Using restaurant digital signage to reduce perceived wait times is something that not only keeps customers from abandoning a restaurant’s line on the day of their visit but encourages them to come back in the future.

5) Manage Content from Anywhere

Another benefit of using restaurant digital signage is the capability to update, configure and monitor a network of digital menus regardless of where you are located. For instance, with the FWI Content Manager Web’s drag and drop interface, any content or marketing manager can access the digital menu boards anytime, as long as there’s an Internet connection. 

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