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Good things come in small packages...

Counter-top Digital Signage

Review Systems continues to provide complete Digital Signage POS solutions.

Our range of Countertop POS displays have been a remarkable success in the year since they launched. After talking to business owner interested in implementing digital signage within their premises but not necessarily having the space for large format screens, we decided to launch our countertop digital displays. Ranging in size from 10 inches (the size of your tablet) to 21.5 inches, they easily fit within any retail space whilst still delivering high impact messaging.

They also have the added benefit of being fully interactive with 10 point capacitive touch feature and are fully networked using our cloud based CMS. Which makes delivering important messages to your customers across a limitless number of sites a breeze.

The Counter-top digital signage screens are NOW IN STOCK and available for immediate dispatch. Get in touch with us today by clicking HERE or calling 01772 875536 for the latest prices and available offers.

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