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Altons Garden Centre Digital Signage

Just before Christmas Review Systems Digital Signage were delighted to install three of our Free-standing digital signage units within Altons Garden Centre in Wickford. A slightly different design with these three being wrapped in oak veneer to match the centres decor.

The first unit is placed just inside the entrance, welcoming customers to the garden centre and informing them of everything they need to find within.

The second screen is utalised by the coffee shop, displaying meal deals, menus and all the tasty treats available.

Finally the third unit is ideally placed at the tills. An ideal spot to entertain the garden centres customers while they queue.

Even within a short space of time the screens have proven to be a great success...

"the boards are performing well and we are now selling out of our daily specials with how they are being displayed on the boards. We will be certainly be taking advantage of the power of the digital signage in the new year" - Ben Thomas Head of Marketing, Alton Garden Centre.

Check out some of the images below.

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