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Digital Signage & Plant Finder Kiosk

Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd and Joy of Plants have teamed up to provide you with the NEW Touch Screen Plant Finder Kiosk. Combining the popular garden centre inspired digital signage unit (displaying all your seasonal offers, promotions and daily specials) with the interactive Plant Finder App with over 14,000 UK plant information and images.

Guide customers to the plants you sell.

Like a new "team member" in your plant area, your kiosk can be used by staff & customers to quickly answer plant questions or browse the plants you sell, and display garden centre info/ads when not in use.

With over 14,000 popular & successful outdoor and indoor UK plants published in our extensive database & image library. Every year we publish over 1,000 new plants and update our database from garden industry and expert sources, so our information is accurate and up to date.

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