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Haskins Garden Centre Digital Signage Plant Finder Kiosk.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Our new plant finder kiosk is proving to be a popular hit with garden centres across the UK. We have recently installed 2 of our units within Haskins Garden Centre Roundstone site. With information on all the plants they sell including care tips and advice customers can find their perfect plant at a touch of a button.

Our units are available in a range of sizes from 21” to 55” and colour schemes to suit your garden centre. Easily up date information remotely, schedule content and run targeted campaigns to a single screen or across a network of sites. All displayed in High Definition motion graphics.

Combining our units with the interactive Plant Finder App, with over 14,000 UK plant information and images, the kiosks can be used by staff & customers to quickly answer plant questions or browse the plants you sell, and display garden centre info/ads when not in use. Customers can look up plants by any criteria, to meet their precise needs.

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