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Blue Diamond group chooses Review Systems for its digital signage systems

Founded in 1904 The Fruit Export Company, now formally called The Blue Diamond group, has selected Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd to install design digital signage into its portfolio of garden centres.

Blue diamond has 36 garden centres spread across the UK and the Channel Islands and employs over 3000 staff. Their location diversity offers a great opportunity for targeted media advertising from a wide range of local businesses.

The bespoke touch capable digital displays are designed to fit in with the garden centre look and feel and provide high impact messaging capability that is used to showcase advertisements created specifically for the local visitors to the garden centre. Located in high footfall areas including restaurant and cafe spaces, these digital display are designed for maximum impact and eye-catching ability and interactivity.

Our design team worked with the local business owners to create unique ads that provide maximum engagement and information delivery to visitors.

In addition to the local advertisement, the Blue Diamond group use the digital displays to offer a range of in-store offers and promotions that provide a symbiotic relationship with its varied customer demographic.

In the Restaurant and Cafe areas, the digital displays offer visitors a mouth watering range of food and drink and static menu information enticing customers in for a well-deserved break after walking and shopping.

The digital displays are centrally controlled using our cloud-based digital signage system, digitalsignage.NET. Its powerful media scheduling and control system allows The Blue Diamond group to target and control their messages at a national and local level.

Outside in the outdoor plant areas our digital touch screen displays are equipped with our Plant Finder application.

Users can interact with the display allowing them to navigate or search for plant information, sold within the garden centres , providing the user with specific details, for example on soil type and expected plumage growth, giving the user the knowledge to make an informed purchasing decision.

Review Systems Digital Signage display installed in a Grosvenor Garden centre


If you have your own digital signage requirement, large or small or wish to advertise on one of hundreds of displays across the United Kingdom please get in touch today

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