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Burston Garden centre lay their digital signage foundations

digital signage in garden centres

Burston Garden centre, an award winning, independent garden centre with a formula based on providing thoughtfully sourced products, delivered with passion and expertise, committed to delivering since 1978, have taken their first steps into the digital signage world.

Major changes are happening at the garden centre with an evolution in offerings for 2021 and beyond. New editions to the garden centre, include three of our digital interactive Plant Finder Kiosks.

The three unique versions have been provided in the form of, a free standing 21inch display and a 32 inch and 43 inch "rustic" edition designs.

Our continued partnership with the team at Joy of Plants, provides the garden centre with a single point of information for all things plants.

The touch-screen Plant finder kiosk contains detailed information on the plants currently sold by the Burston garden centre team. A simple touch of the bright displays takes the user into a world of knowledge and information, allowing the customer to be assisted in their purchasing choices and also educated on the facts relating to the plant they are current viewing.

This valuable insight into the full details of the plant, including colour, growth height, soil type and much much more, ensures that customers can purchase the right plants for the right garden environment. Inserted care products can also be shown here, allowing the garden centre to upsell relevant sundries pertaining to the health and wellbeing of the plant.

In addition, the displays can be used for promotion offers during period of user inactivity. The garden centre can schedule their own advertisements and seasonal promotions with a centrally controlled cloud-based content management system (CMS)The duel purpose design of the kiosks combined with our own in-house developed digital signage software, digitalsignage.NET, facilitates a powerful visual addition for customers to use and enjoy, while also providing a valuable tool in the garden centres range of promotional sources.


Would like to have your own Plant Finder Kiosk? We can tailor a design to your requirements

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