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Enhancing Patient Experience with Digital Signage at Pharmacy Plus Health

In the heart of Alwoodley, Leeds, Pharmacy Plus Health is revolutionising community pharmacy with a commitment to supporting the NHS and GPs while improving patient services. One of the key elements in this transformation is the integration of digital signage solutions from Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd, based in Kirkham, Preston, UK.

The Pharmacy's Commitment to Community Health

Pharmacy Plus Health is not your typical neighbourhood pharmacy. Their mission is to use cutting-edge technology to streamline routine prescription management, allowing their highly skilled pharmacists to focus more on patient care. By shifting the emphasis towards increasing patient services, they are turning their pharmacies into the preferred destination for patients seeking on-demand consultations and treatment for everyday health conditions.

The pharmacy teams at Pharmacy Plus Health have deep-rooted connections within their communities, and they aim to offer more than just traditional dispensing and over-the-counter remedies. Their dedication to technology is what allows their well-trained team to provide patients with the personalised care they need right within their own communities.

The Role of Digital Signage

One of the key technological enhancements that Pharmacy Plus Health has incorporated to support this mission, is digital signage. Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd has provided them with a powerful solution that includes a 55-inch high brightness digital display mounted in the window, facing the approaching public, and two 43-inch digital displays. These displays are strategically placed to convey vital health-related information and services offered by the Pharmacy Plus medical team.

The 55-inch high brightness display serves as a beacon, capturing the attention of passers-by and drawing them towards the Pharmacy Plus Health pharmacy building.

Pharmacy TV screen

The two 43-inch displays are inserted within product display units, one located to the rear of the customer service desk and the other to the left. Both displays dynamically showcase relevant information, allowing the pharmacy team to keep the content fresh and up-to-date through Review Systems' cloud-based digital signage software, digitalsignage.NET.

Empowering the Pharmacy Team

Pharmacy Plus Health's ability to quickly update and control the digital displays via digitalsignage.NET is a game-changer. It allows the pharmacy team to make real-time adjustments to the displayed information, ensuring that patients and visitors are always informed about the latest services and health-related news.

This dynamic approach not only keeps the pharmacy's patients well-informed but also creates a modern and welcoming environment that complements the forward-thinking approach of Pharmacy Plus Health.


Pharmacy Plus Health's transformation of community pharmacy is a shining example of how technology can improve patient care and service delivery. With the support of Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd and their digitalsignage.NET software, the pharmacy team can focus on what matters most—caring for their patients.

The integration of digital signage not only enhances the patient experience but also aligns with the pharmacy's mission to offer much more than just medications. It's a testament to how innovation and technology are making community healthcare more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric.

Pharmacy Plus Health, backed by technology and innovation, is truly turning its pharmacies into the community's healthcare destination of choice.

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