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Klondyke & Strikes go digital with help from Review Digital Signage Ltd

Born out of humble beginnings, in a single greenhouse back in Kirkintilloch in the early 1980's, Klondyke have grown into the large garden centre organisation that you see today. Their merger with William Strike in 1996 added a further 17 garden centres to their existing 7 Scottish based sites, strengthening their reach across the United Kingdom.

Klondyke reached out to Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd to provide a visually appealing, yet simple to use, digital signage system. Klondyke wanted a medium that would allow each of the individual garden centres, the ability to deliver eye-catching promotions and in-store information to the thousands of people who visit their stores throughout the year.

The bespoke digital displays are strategically placed in high footfall areas around the garden centres, ensuring maximum exposure to visitors, especially at peak times of the day.

In addition to this, each garden centre is providing helpful tips and advice to customers, on topics like, saving water and making compost. Our flexible system also allows for the delivery of scheduled in advance, seasonal messaging that is important to gardeners annual routines or seasonal offers, all scheduled ahead of time, ready to play.

The advantage of being able to centrally update the information on any screen at any location is made easy with the use of our powerful cloud-based digital signage media scheduling software digitalsignage.NET. Its range of simple to use features, give confidence to the user, making delivering up to date information a breeze with just a few clicks of a mouse.

The digital information systems are now also being used for important, potentially life saving messages. It is July 2020 and we are in the thick of a global pandemic. It is vital that customers who visit the garden centres are aware of any restrictions and the ever changing information provided by the government. Information can be regularly updated quickly and easily in line with guidelines when they are announced.

Klondyke garden centres offer the customers a place to relax after a hard shop, in their Topiary cafes and restaurants. Our digital menu boards showcase a range of mouth watering delights on offer,

Social distancing and comprehensive details on how to order once you arrive.


Do you have a digital signage requirement that needs our help? Get in touch today to discuss the range of options that Review Digital Signage Ltd can off you.

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