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Pharmacy TV- Haggerston and Hornsey Road

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Haggerston Pharmacy is located in the borough of Hackney, London and Hornsey Road Pharmacy is located in Finsbury Park, London. Both are bright and modern pharmacies servicing their local communities.

Owned and run by two brothers, they both required a visual upgrade to their respective pharmacies to accommodate the delivery of important health-related messages to their customers.

Review Systems Digital Signage limited met with the owners from both the Pharmacies at the Pharmacy show at the NEC in Birmingham. Following a consultation, discussing the requirements for the Pharmacy TV systems, we carried out an installation of four commercial digital displays at each of the locations with content provided from a subscription to our Healthy Living TV service.

Haggerston and Hornsey Road pharmacies both chose a 55-inch High brightness window displays. These 3500 nits displays were installed using bespoke mounting arrangements and located in the window facing the street at each of the locations.

A second, a 43-inch commercial display, was installed over the door to the treatment room at Haggerston. The internal display was fitted to a movable and tilting arm, allowing the pharmacy the flexibility to move the display to face in different directions are required. The Hornsey Road pharmacy chose an internal 32-inch commercial display on a standard fixed mount, but again located over the treatment room door.

The powerful window displays and internal screens deliver messages from Public Health England (PHE), health Awareness days and the pharmacies own in pharmacy services.

About our Pharmacy TV platform for Healthy Living

Our Pharmacy TV platform delivers a broad range of health promotion interventions through community pharmacies to meet local need, and improve the health and wellbeing of the local population, helping to reduce health inequalities.

Our Public Health England (PHE) campaigns provide information to customers on health-related topics that are important to health and wellbeing. This information may be vital to a customer who may have a health-related matter and may not be aware of it, or wish to simply find out more. This successful Pharmacy TV platform is delivering the vital messages that promote general health awareness to all of the Pharmacy's customers.

Awareness days, highlight the special days and events that are happening every month, not just in the UK, but Worldwide and how people can get involved to support them. For example, World Cancer Day or My Purple Day for Actions on Strokes or World Autism Acceptance week. These unique and very special days bring cognisance to customers who may not be aware or how they may be able help and or donate.

Each display is updated every month to ensure that the latest PHE and Awareness days are always fresh and current. This is all done seamlessly by our team and requires no intervention by the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Services, that are specific to the individual pharmacy are also displayed. This includes for example; Travel vaccinations, Blood pressure tests, Heart checks or prescription text alerts. All media content for these services is created via a one to one discussion with each of the pharmacies. The tailored and pharmacy branded, advertisements are then created by out in-house design team and managed on behalf of the pharmacy, interleaving them into the PHE and Awareness days media.

Supported all the way

All pharmacies are fully supported, from design, installation to completion and with both remote diagnostics and engineer visits as required, this leaves the pharmacists to do what they do best.

Find out more

If you would like to discuss what we can do for you and how you too can have your own Pharmacy TV channel, please get in touch today.

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