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Pharmacy TV promotes Health and Wellbeing in Swansea

Pharmacies are loving our Healthy Living Pharmacy TV channel with its mix of up-to-date Public Health campaigns, Awareness days, local Pharmacy services and promotions.

Each channel is customised to the requirements of each of the pharmacies and updated each month in accordance with the Healthy Living Pharmacies framework.

Welchem Ltd contacted us in regards to three welsh-based pharmacies located in the Swansea area. Castle View, Ty'r Fellin and the latest 2 million pound new build Mountain View in Mayhill expressed an interest in our Healthy Living TV platform after seeing this on our website.

Our team provided each of the pharmacies with an individual tailored channel of informative and eye-catching videos played on high brightness internal digital displays.

Each digital display is positioned in the direct line of sight of customers who are waiting to be served and seated awaiting consultations. The informative information shown on screen, provides advise and education on health-related matters and monthly events. This helps reduce perceived waiting times while alerting customers to important health related topics.

In addition, this important health information is interleaved with the pharmacies own services and in-store product promotions. This allows the pharmacy to advertise to the visiting customers its range of products and service available, helping to increase the revenue of each of the pharmacies.

What your own Healthy Living TV service? Find out more here

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