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The Boma Garden centre get the digital touch

Its been a busy few month for the installation team and we have quite a few installations to tell you about, including our latest garden centre The Boma Garden centre

The Boma garden centre is an independently run, urban oasis, away from the bustle of Kentish Town, London. The garden centre offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, including rare species and essential garden accessories.

Our partnership with Joy of Plants continues to grow and we are pleased that The Boma Garden centre choose one of the latest Plant Finder kiosks designs, that we have in our range.

Our 22-inch display Plant Finder Kiosk is a compact offering in its size, ideal for garden centres that may have limited space to house a larger kiosk. Size does not matter here, as the Plant Finder Kiosk still offers uses the interactive experience and the same wealth of plant information that we have come to expect from the Joy of Plant encyclopaedia of horticultural knowledge.

Situated within direct eye sight of customers entering the indoor plant section, the Plant Finder kiosk’s, bright display, entices visitors to interact and find out more about the wide range of plants offered in the garden centre and where best to plant them and how to care for them.

Secondary to the Joy of Plants brilliant Interactive Plant Finder, we have installed our own digitalsignage.NET software platform. This cloud-based digital signage software allows The Boma garden centre to showcase products, services and special offers, when the Plant finder is not in use by as customer. It’s simple to use web-based user interface, allows the garden centre complete control of the kiosk from any computer web browser, ie. Google Chrome, allowing them to regularly update the kiosk with the latest information, promotions and seasonal tips.

If you would like to discuss your own Plant Finder kiosk and the range that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 875536 or

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