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The Interactive Digital Plant Finder Kiosk:Bridging Nature and Innovation:

In the dynamic landscape of technology and horticulture, a remarkable innovation is taking root, reshaping our relationship with nature and gardening. Meet the Interactive Digital Plant Finder Kiosk – a fusion of botanical wisdom and cutting-edge technology.

In this blog post, we embark on a journey to explore the features, benefits, and options offered by this innovative kiosk, brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd and Joy of Plants.

Our recent installation at Monkton Elm garden centre, in Taunton, includes two of our updated kiosk designs new for 2023.

Plant Finder Kiosk

Behind the scenes, two industry leaders unite their expertise: Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd and Joy of Plants. Review Systems contributes its sleek, modern design to the kiosk, while Joy of Plants enriches it with an unparalleled plant database. Together, we create an interactive masterpiece that digitises plant discovery and gardening experiences.

Plant Finder kiosk

The Interactive Digital Plant Finder Kiosk. It beckons you to engage, to explore, and to unearth the secrets of the botanical world. This kiosk isn't just a static information hub; it's an immersive gateway that connects you with plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs in ways you've never imagined

Plant Finder Kiosk

Features and Benefits

1. **Interactive Touch Screen:** The kiosk's touch screen interface transforms plant discovery into a captivating journey. Users can explore the extensive plant database effortlessly. It's not just a kiosk; it's an interactive companion that responds to your touch and fuels your curiosity.

2. **Instant Plant Identification:** Search for a plant, and let the kiosk's unravel its identity in seconds. Joy of Plants ensures that you receive accurate and insightful information about the plants you encounter.

3. **Personalised Recommendations:** Tailoring plant choices to individual preferences is a breeze. Explore plants based on sunlight requirements, water preferences, and more. Joy of Plants' meticulous database ensures that every recommendation aligns with your unique needs.

4. **In-Store Advertisements:** The kiosk offers more than just plant-related insights. With Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd's proprietary content management system, digitalsignage.NET, the kiosk seamlessly integrates in-store advertisements. Garden centres can promote special offers, seasonal promotions, and relevant information, enhancing the shopping experience for visitors.

5. ** Supported all the way** We support the customer and guide them through the whole process from start to finish. This support continues once the kiosk is installed with telephone, email, remote connection and on site visits, to address any queries or problems that may occur.

Getting Your Own Digital Plant Finder Kiosk

Are you ready to embark on your own botanical journey with the Digital Plant Finder Kiosk? Getting started is easy! Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd offers options to cater to your needs:

**Plant Finder hardware for Free:** In select cases, you can acquire the Digital Plant Finder Kiosk hardware at no cost. Contact Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd to explore if your garden centre qualifies for this opportunity.

- **Purchase Outright:** For those seeking full ownership and customisation, the option to purchase the kiosk outright is available. Tailor it to your garden centre’s aesthetic and preferences, and immerse your visitors in an unparalleled plant discovery experience.


The Interactive Digital Plant Finder Kiosk is more than a digital screen; it's a bridge that connects nature enthusiasts, gardeners, and botanical novices to the wonders of the plant kingdom. With its touch screen interactivity, comprehensive plant database, personalised recommendations, and dynamic in-store advertising capabilities, this kiosk transforms garden centre’s into immersive hubs of plant exploration and inspiration.

Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd and Joy of Plants stands ready to guide you on your journey to acquiring this innovative tool, whether through the Plant Finder for free program or outright purchase. Embark on this transformative botanical adventure and discover the power of technology in cultivating a deeper connection with the natural world.

Contact Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd today to learn more about how you can bring the Interactive Digital Plant Finder Kiosk to your garden centre.

Call us on 01772 875536 or email us at

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