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Thetford Garden centre's green fingers go digital

The Thetford Garden centre in Kilverstone, Thetford, was founded forty years ago and still remains an independent and family run business to this day. Their broad range of flowers, plants, garden tools, machinery and garden furniture provides an excellent source for the most avid of green-fingered gardeners. Today those green-fingers have gone digital.

Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd in cooperation with the team from Joy of Plants, our collaboration brings together the best from our both organisations. We have recently installed two of our taller wooden digital signage kiosks that provide a rustic look that fits perfectly into the garden centre.

At the touch of a button information each stocked plant is carefully detailed, providing users with browse capabilities and specific search parameters, that inform and educate a green-fingered novice into a horticultural expert, including care tips and advice to allow customers to find their perfect plant.

The interactive Plant Finder App contains and encyclopaedia of plant information and images, that can be used by staff to quickly answer customer plant questions or browse the plants sold to show the range and types offered.

When the kiosk is not being interacted with, the display can be used to promote garden centre information or special offers.

If you could like to find out more about Plant Finder kiosk starting at 21 inch upwards. please take a look at our Garden centre media page here or call us on 01772 87536 or email

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