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A digital signage Christmas comes early for Chilternview

Chilternview Nurseries, are a locally family run nursery based on the Wendover Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, known for their quality products, service and exceptional value

A major reshuffle of the areas within the garden centre was a perfect time to bring in new products that enhance the customer experience. Our Interactive plant finder kiosk, is a perfect addition and provides a new digital member of staff who is a guru on all things plant related.

The digital plant finder kiosk, with it touch capable display, entices customers, from novices to gardening experts alike, to interact and learn more about the range of plants provided by this great garden centre.

In cooperation with the team from Joy of Plants, our collaboration brings together the best from our both organisations. The wide range of plants available to purchase in the garden centre are informatively collated into one giant encyclopaedia of plant based knowledge. Each stocked plant is carefully detailed, providing users with browse capabilities and specific search parameters, that inform and educate a green-fingered novice into a horticultural expert.

Alongside the plant information, the garden centre has the option to advise the customer on what the best care products should be purchase, for the selected plant. Their care product recommendations will be shown along side the plant information, allowing care products or special promotions to be displayed.

We were pleased to work with the team at Chilternview as they get in the festive mood with some new editions to entice visitor numbers to the centre. This year they have built an ice rink! Yes you read correctly, new for 2021 a large ice skating rink has been build to attract visitors young and old. Together with a program of live music, it is going to be a bumper festive period!

During period of inactivity, the digital kiosk is a fantastic and eye-catching medium, that allows Chilternview to promote additional products the garden centre sells, from garden furniture, cafe menus and farm shop promotions, scheduled to play alongside complimentary product pertinent to the tree, plants and shrubs the garden centre has to offer. Viewers can also be persuaded to visit the garden centres relevant social media pages.

As Christmas is approaching fast, the management are keen to attract as many visitors over the festive period and are using the digital kiosk to promote a range of live events at the garden centre over the coming weeks. The multi purpose design of the plant finder kiosk, allows the flexibility between interaction, information and visual attraction and can be tailored to the specific requirements of the garden centre. Below are just some of the event now showing on the digital signage kiosk.


Would you like your own digital signage Plant Finder Kiosk?

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