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Clarepharm Pharmacy TV promotes health and well being to its customers

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Clarepharm Pharmacy has been providing pharmacy services for over 25 years. The care and well-being of their local community has always been at the forefront of their minds.

With help from Review Systems and their Healthy Living TV program, Clarepharm, now have the technology to educate and most importantly inform customers of the latest monthly health campaigns. The large 55-inch double-side digital signage display has been professionally installed to direct information to customers inside the pharmacy but also to customers outside. The high brightness dual displays present healthy living campaigns from Public Health England (PHE), monthly awareness days and Pharmacy services.

Awareness days, highlight the special days and events that are happening every month, not just in the UK, but Worldwide and how people can get involved to support them. For example, World Cancer day or My Purple day for Actions on Strokes or World Autism Acceptance week. These unique and very special days bring cognisance to customers who may not be aware or how they may be able to help and or donate.

Each channel is customised to the requirements of the pharmacy and updated each month in accordance with the Healthy Living Pharmacy framework.

Take a look at our "What's On" guide here to see our program of events.

In addition to the wide range of health information we provide, the Pharmacy displays its own range of service that they offer. We provide a tailored content creation service that allows each range of services offered by the pharmacy to reflect the Pharmacy branding and colour and be designed bespoke to the pharmacy. We worked with Clarepharm to design the advertisements to their specifications and these are collated together and in conjunction with the Healthy Living TV program media .Take a look at one example below.

If you would like to know more about our Pharmacy TV and Healthy Living Platform, please get in touch today.

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